Friday, January 22, 2010

Being Equal

I don't quite know what people mean when they say that women and men are equal. It seems to imply that they are the same. 2=2. When they then proceed to talk about a female perspective, though, it suggests a difference, at odds with the word "equal".

Perhaps they mean that they are of equal value, or have equal rights.
I am unsure about the concept of human rights - these seem more to be gifts that people in a particular society give to each other, rather than an innate consequence of being human. But, if humans do have rights, a fundamental one in my value system is the right of women to raise their own children.

Of course, this right is rapidly disappearing in our society. Young women don't have a right to work: generally,they have an obligation to work.

I can see that I am not of equal value compared to, say, Marie Curie. Hillary Clinton yes, Marie Curie, no.


Susannah said...

if you have time, i found the following Radio National programmes interesting.
I find it interesting that the woman responding feels the need to make it more into a personal attack. Does she feel threatened by Megan's position?

Frances said...

They were very interesting talks, Susannah: thank you for directing me to them.
Yes: she does seem to feel threatened by Megan's position...I don't find any particular logic or consistency there. What I do suspect I see is the need many women seem to have for external validation: an alternative view is threatening.
What on earth can possibly be wrong in doing what suits you and your family?