Saturday, March 27, 2010

I went shopping for a cocktail outfit to wear to L's wedding. A grim task.

It seems that manufacturers assume that as a woman ages she will grow bigger, taller and huskier: so, what may have been suitable are in quite immense sizes.

In smaller sizes, the clothes were short, strapless, ruched, rhinestoned, glittery and garish, and looked as if designed for ladyboys, rather than for nice young women. Poor girls: how fortunate was I to be young in the age of Courreges et al.

All that was left were indistict dark print, shapeless, loose things that looked suitable to wear at the Bide-a-Wee Distressed Gentlefolks free afternoon teas and fellowship. And they would do for intermittent funerals, as well.

I ended up longing for a naqib. With an extra opening - I imagine it rather like a post office slot - for a little discreet imbibing.


Elisabeth said...

It's unfortunate that we women - men too I imagine - do not follow the recommended bodily stereotypes that fit our age and stage of life.

I'm lucky I can occasionally borrow clothes from my adult daughters that are reasonably tasteful. Not from the sixteen year old, though. We are still too many fashion styles apart.

Do you ever have a longing to wear a ribbon in your hair, such as you might have worm when you were a child or to the desire to pull your hair back and tie them in pigtails?

I do, but I remind myself I am far too old for such childhood nonsense. Still there are aspects of my childhood and adolescence, aspects of dress, that I miss.

Frances said...

Elizabeth: I do plait my hair sometimes, at home, but draw the line at fastening the end: so, it is shortlived.

But, your post made me aware of how seldom one sees a little girl with ribbons, or pigtails, and I miss them. I recall from my childhood east European? immigrant children with huge bows, like tropical butterflies. I always felt that it was if their mothers saw them as a gift. As indeed I saw my own daughter.