Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Small Mercies

As I slammed the boot down on my groceries, I saw, too late, my car keys sitting where I had thrown them, on its floor. Fortunately -70/30 - I had left the car unlocked, so could open the boot to retrieve them.
Coming home from shopping, I found that I didn't have my house keys. Fortunately, by chance I not only had the key to another door, but had left it unsnibbed:  a rare occurence.
After leaving work I realised, at my car, that I no longer had the work keys. I retraced my steps in this very poorly lit area and saw a tiny, slightly denser area of blackness: the keys.
Small problems which could have wasted frustrating hours and hours.
When Mark was painting my house I told him that he had to accomodate the fact that this front window had previously been painted closed, and couldn't be opened.
"No it's not," he said, and used one finger to open the window

So, for 15 years or so, in this area which has quite a high burglary rate, I could have been easily burgled.  But wasn't.
Small mercies. Big gratitude.


The Elephant's Child said...

Big mercies. Oh wow. Those events were the sort which can so easily result in totally hellish days. And have you noticed that once a day starts to go wrong it gains momentum on its downward slide?

Relatively Retiring said...

Yes, very large mercies.
Having locked myself out once or twice I now have one of those digital key-safes on an outside wall. All I need now is to remember the security code for it.

Frances said...

Elephant's Child: those events can lead to days that are non-days; just a load of difficulties restoring-us-to-where-we were-before all this rubbish happened days. Wasted days.

Frances said...

I haven't heard of the digital key-safes, RR....I'm not sure that I have confidence in remembering a number for this as well as for the numerous pins, log in details etc.
I think that I have taught myself to be scrupulous about putting keys in their correct, retrievable space. Or, rather, external events have at last taught me this.