Thursday, February 12, 2015

What in the world

Minds are mysterious entities.
When I renewed my driver's licence in 2010, its expiry date in 2015 seemed so remote that I hardly considered it. Five years was enough for it to become a part of me, like a fingerprint. Taken for granted.
So, why did I suddenly check it and see that it is going to expire in two weeks time? For 4 years and 50 weeks I hadn't thought of it at all.
Is this the mind's memory recording something important, filing it away and nudging me when it's relevant?  Or a guardian angel?  Either possibility suits me.
Having an expired licence, possibly having to be tested again. didn't suit me at all.
Would I need to get new spectacles? I went to the (old name) RTA, to check their eye test. A woman was hugely helpful: "D." I said. "B. What is it?"
The helpful woman couldn't read it either, rather to her dismay, and that's when someone said we should be standing much closer.  At the closer distance, everything was easy.
I have had, a few only, bad experiences which have opened my eyes to a reality that I was ignoring.. Made me see a guardian angel at work.
A different experience. My father, like many lovely olders, always said he wanted no celebratory presents. Of course, I persisted in trying to find something that might delight, and of course I failed.
Twenty years after he died I had a very vivid dream in which, talking to me, he said, "You never bought me chocolates." Absurd, yes, but true. He had a sweet tooth and would have loved a box of chocolates. I still feel, occasionally, piqued that I never thought of that. But that seems absolutely unrelated to either memory or angels. More so to the mysteries of the mind.