Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hee-haw: It's the Law

Recently a man here was sentenced to a gaol term, for driving a car after his licence had been cancelled.
Usually, the penalty for this is to have the cancellation extended. Gaol is regarded as a very severe penalty, a last resort. The magistrate resorted to it because of his many previous convictions.
How many? I don't know, but I do know that they were sufficient to mean that his licence had been cancelled until 2065.
How unfortunate he was to come across so many tender-hearted magistrates, determined to give him another chance, and to keep him out of gaol.
I wonder if he had been sent to gaol early on, so giving him both a short sharp lesson and the possibility of regaining his licence, whether he might have changed his ways.
I wonder how long it will be, once he's released, before he takes a chance and drives again.


Charlie said...

The man is a menace to society behind the wheel of a car, but he is also very selfish by flaunting the law.

My guess is he will quickly return to his old ways upon his release. Recidivism, and all that.

Charlie said...

BTW, I really like your blog and I'm adding it to my sidebar so I'll know when it's updated.

Penny said...

Mmmm... no, I don't think he'll change his ways either, probably missing a neuron or two or three.
But I would like to see people lose their licences much earlier than is the case at present (they need to have several driving offences), and if the driving offence caused death or serious injury then the loss of their licence for life, not just for a period of time. They would go to gaol if caught driving whether or not there was further damage done.
Goodness, I'm opinionated today!

Frances said...

Charlie: I'm honoured. Thankyou.
(erm, don't tell me when you take it away, will you?)