Sunday, May 2, 2010

"The World Beneath"

I was late for work on Friday, because I just HAD to finish this book. (Fortunately, I am self-employed, so the boss took it in her stride).
Cate Kennedy has won many awards for her short stories, which she evidently (grits teeth) finds easy to write. This is her first novel.
If it wasn't for her distinction, I doubt that I would have continued reading past the first third or so of the book. Having three tedious and unlikeable main characters is high risk indeed.
However, as the fourth character, the Tasmanian wilderness, enters, the tension slowly rises and the story becomes absolutely compelling.
I would highly recommend it.


Penny said...

Mmm... I personally doubt that she finds short stories easy to write, even if she has said so.

I'll have a look at this novel - yours is the second recommendation I've seen for it.

Frances said...

Thanks for dropping by, Penny.
I'm going to try your carrot soup, sounds delicious.