Sunday, June 27, 2010


misunderstanding, difficulty, issues, problems, sadness, grief, loss, tragedy.
Are these life's realities?
Growth, hope, optimism can seem to be cerebral abberations that keep us keeping on in spite of the evidence that life is real, life is harsh, life is often sad, unrewarding and disappointing.


Penny said...

Hang on, "cerebral abberations" ? The difficulties you mention are realities, yes. So are growth, hope, optimism. Both equally.

Remember that the ancient Greeks left hope in the box for Pandora. That's what gets us through. That, and faith, and charity, equals growth.

Sorry if I sound facetious, it's not intended that way.

Relatively Retiring said...

I'm so sorry.
But yes, those are so often the realities.

Relatively Retiring said...

Hope today is looking better?

Penny said...

Oh dear, Frances, I hope I didn't misinterpret your post (being in too much of a hurry and all) and that everything is all right?

Marylinn Kelly said...

A recent conversation caused me to look back upon a difficult time - the friend said she didn't know how I'd managed to get through it - but I did, giving thanks to the grace of God as I understand God. I believe we can all look back and marvel at what we have come through and know that, somehow, we will do it again, though in the moment we may not know how. I wish for you that today appears brighter.

J. said...

Life often seems to throw a spanner in the workings of our daily existence and goodness knows I've complained enough about this recently but, looking back at difficult times I can see past the worry and pain to a positive change that has actually been good for me even as I was dragged kicking and whining along the way

"life is real, life is harsh, life is often sad, unrewarding and disappointing"

Yes but, life is also one long adventure, it's struggling to climb mountains and relishing the view from the top, it's sailing in stormy seas with the taste of salt in your mouth and the wind in your hair...

it's also overcoming challenges and problems and feeling just a little stronger each day

I wish you many mountain-top views, calm seas and, most of all, faith that one day it will all make sense

Purple Cow said...

When I feel like what you describe in this post I take comfort from the words of Seneca, who said "What is the point of weeping over parts of life when the whole of it is for tears?"