Friday, April 29, 2011

I Am Watching

some people getting married.
I didn't think that I would bother, but the fact that the British do pomp, ritual. spectacle and ceremony better than anyone else, (in my opinion), easily swayed me.
Catherine looked like the strength in the relationship, just as E Bowes Lyon was and Diana wasn't.
Astrologers say that they selected a disastrous day.
Why did the Queen choose yellow?
What did Charles think while his son repeated those celebrated vows that he once made evidently having no intention at all of keeping them?
The royal wave used to be a regal wave...wave...wave: now it was flapflapflapflap.
As usual, as traditional, a stupid amount of guff that influences noone and annoys many, is spoken.
I won't be buying the DVD, but I assume that some will.


Relatively Retiring said...

Despite a good deal of curmudgeonliness about the huge costs to a country that cuts concessionary bus passes, pension rights, health care, community policing etc etc. I also watched and ended up feeling emotionally proud to be British.
I agree with all you say.
The Bride looked so much happier than the Groom. There was a clear sign of family dsyfunction as the Groom carefully greeted his late mother's relatives, and many of his extended family came by airport minibus.
When most of the males dress up like peacocks and bedeck themselves with medals and gold braid I'm only sorry the Queen didn't come in her crown. Would have set it all off nicely.
But yes, a great show, and some truly brilliant camera-work.

Frances said...

The clergy too know how to dress to impress, Relatively Retiring. The Archbishop's mitre alone is a Hat and a Half.
The men seem to have discovered the secrets of dressing the rather lumpy human body: either good tailoring, or concealing robes, preferably in strong, stiff fabric.

Susannah said...

I too, was not going to bother watching, until I asked my mother how old I was when Diana and Charles were married and she said about 4years old. I looked it up and in fact I was just a tad over 2 and a half. I remember watching Diana's wedding, for some reason I think we were in Sydney at the time? Is there any truth behind this 'memory'? I remember thinking it was so magical, that I sat down and tried to make my little 2 year old watch as well.
I don't know why the Queen wore yellow, but apparently yellow was the bookies favourite, so not unexpected apparently.