Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Week

I had to go down town to open an office to the electricians who were working nearby.
I was impressed - no, enormously impressed - by their aplomb, courtesy, consideration.
Twenty years ago, as tradies, they would probably have been at least slightly gauche. Now they weren't.
But what impressed me most was a quiet but obvious happiness radiating out from each and every. From each and every. Radiating. You could see it. An almost tangible happiness. Made me think.

Most of my beloveds are not in these areas.


Relatively Retiring said...

Oh, thst's good. My younger son (music graduate, working as an administrator in the charity sector) is currently training to also be an electrician, specifically concerned with renewable energy.

Frances said...

Lucky you, RR.
I came home to discuss this with young professionals who came up with about 10 positive points, starting with the fact that they are doing something to make people's life better, and ending up with the fact that their work can't be outsourced.