Saturday, April 30, 2011

Moving Right Along Now

Like many of the many people who have had smaller or larger esp experiences, I find it possible and probable that there are lives beyond this one.
I know that such experiences are explained as brain blips. But, what if present reality is just one such blip? Why not? A different reality, if you glimpse it, is as real and tangible as this everyday world. Sounds like rubbish, of course, until it happens to you.

Perhaps this is a case where my ignorance stops me coming to a more rational conclusion.
I am not talking about some kind of judgement day, or old testament thunderings. Sorting out the sheep from the goats? I've never been sure who were the good guys here: sheep and goats are both enormously useful and valuable, and both probably quite nice too.


Elisabeth said...

I'm not sure about the lives beyond this one, Frances, though it's a comforting thought.

I've often wished in more recent years that I had time enough for two lives, but I'm not so sure that's how it works.

Frances said...

I was trying to make the point that it is not necessarily a comforting thought, Elisabeth, but that if you have met different realities it is an essential part of your understanding of life.
Science says that there are thousands of parallel universes: perhaps the one I end up in will be horrendous. THERE IS NO COMFORT IN THIS IDEA, and it is not about comfort.