Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Fly and I

Yesterday there were four flies inside. Today, only one -but, I can tell that he really likes me.
Where have all the insects gone? Few flies, no greenflies, blowflies, moths, or clouds of flying ants. Backyard zappers? What?
I am cautious re change. My bank recently changed its bland paint to crimson, orange and oxblood -(a fitting colour in that its old logo used to be a slaughtered sheep). It has unhelpfully redesigned its online banking, from black on white to grey on cream. It has erected plastic barriers between the tellers and customers - I think of them as Gail's gaols.
Are these there to protect me from the tellers? I think it's the reverse, and feel quite chuffed that the bank evidently sees me as menacing.


Anonymous said...

Gail's gaols lol - she seems like a nasty ayrian type.

Frances said...

You mean that you know her astrology sign, Anonymous?

Ann ODyne said...

Hi this is my first visit here - I have hopped about and you have me on the run. Had to skip over/away quick at the calf post as I am the world's biggest animal sook, over-empathising with all their fear and ill-treatment.

Banks I can cope with. I worked in the biggest bank in 1965 when the men handled the money and the girls got RSI on accounting machines without any nod to ergonomics.
The male tellers had target practice with their Browning pistols at head office every 6 weeks. (shreik!) This is why women were not allowed to handle cash, as they would then get to handle GUNS.
Then, when computers arrived in banks, female tellers (without guns) were suddenly enabled. Now they could not be trusted with this fabulous new toy, the computer.
I loathe banks and banking and the whole damn thing.