Friday, November 27, 2009


miasma: sounds to me to be sparkling and flowery. Wrong.

fulsome: has such a powerful sense and projection of its own meaning, that if you use it correctly you will almost certainly convey the opposite of what you intended.

pronunciations: idyll. Correctly pronounced to rhyme with riddle, piddle, widdle, all of which I reject and persist in pronoucing it as idol, or idle, both of which convey the languid lazy beauty of something Eyedyllic - the "I" as in "Ibis", "Iambic", "Iberian".

respect: very current at the moment. "Do your teachers talk about respect?" I ask. "All the time," rolls eyes. "What does it mean?" "Oh, they haven't told us that, yet."
Unfair selection there. A lot of comments, some of which were meaningful.

I find it generally disrespectful for people involved with younger, say teachers, coaches and THE PRINCIPAL OF A LOCAL FAITH SCHOOL to refer to their students as "kids"....a word that can be casual or friendly, but by such as the above sometimes sounds like a synonym for "the mob".

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