Friday, November 20, 2009


It's lucky that I'm not a diplomat: I'm sure that I would airily have trodden on international toes, with neither intention or awareness, so that I would have provoked even mild and pacifist countries like Sweden or New Zealand to declare war on Australia.
This to explain the edit of my last post, in which I happily and unconsciously slated a whole decade of people.

Expanding further on reactions to heat/cold: an older, such as I, is not stoic and enduring: it's just that entropy is getting the upper hand.


Susannah said...

Unfortunately we can't all have a (great) Depression mentality.
Perhaps it was being a child during the excesses of the 80s that ruined us.

Frances said...

I wouldn't think of those younger as "ruined": that seems a little harsh. But then, you said it...who am I to disagree?
What is the (great) Depression? Some kind of kiddies' angst? I read that they take chemicals such as SSRIs for that.
I hope this helps.

Frances said...

Oops. There I go again.

Frances said...

I feel as if I've swatted a butterfly.