Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yes, it is, isn't it?
Chris Brennan: "Fire in the heavens, and fire along the hills./ And fire made solid in the flinty stone."

I read where U.K. teachers wanted schools compulsorily closed if temperatures reached 26 C.
I read and hear of soldiers in the M.E., where temperatures are 10 degrees hotter than here - high 40s, over 50s. We haven't really stretched ourselves, evidently.

I notice the difference in expectation of some younger who grew up with uncooled or poorly cooled and heated cars, supermarkets, homes, schools, businesses and lives, some of whom now have so accommodated themselves to changing times that they seem to consider a temperate climate, albeit created artificially, to be a sine qua non.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little Brits, anything over about 24 degrees seems to be incapacitating, unless it is while they are abroad.
Although of course this is the same country where trains are sometimes delayed or canceled in Autumn due to leaves falling on the tracks. Doesn't this happen every year? Haven't they found a solution yet?